On the 12th of November 2010, Rob Flello MP’s Sustainable Livestock Bill will be going into its second reading in the House of Commons.  Friends of the Earth have been doing everything they can to get MPs behind the Bill, and there are three weeks left to make a last push and gather as much support as possible.

The Bill requires the Secretary of State to improve the sustainability of the production, processing, marketing, manufacturing, distribution and consumption of any products derived from livestock.  Primarily, the Bill is looking to reduce British farmer’s reliance on animal feed grown in South America due to its destructive effects on the rainforest and wildlife, and its contribution to accelerating climate change.  Factory farming in the UK is destroying an area twice the size of Greater London in the Brazilian Rainforest each year, mainly due to the demand for soy products for use in animal feed.  The Bill will demand the Government takes action to limit the wildlife and rainforest destruction caused by growing animal feed.

So how can you help?  The key here is getting your local MP to commit to attending Parliament on November 12th to vote in favour of the Sustainable Livestock Bill, and although support is growing, the target of 100 MPs has not yet been reached.  Several Birmingham MPs have voiced their support, but so far only Roger Godsiff (Hall Green) and Steve McCabe (Selly Oak) have guaranteed their attendance on the day.  It is therefore vital to get as many MPs as possible to guarantee that they’ll be there.  You can encourage this by:

Requesting a face to face meeting with your local MP and voicing your concerns (before November 12th!).

Calling your local MP and describing why you believe action needs to be taken.

Sending a letter or email to your local MP outlining the importance of the Bill.

Signing up for the Friends of the Earth Join the Moovement petition.

Remember, there are only three weeks left and every vote counts, so take action today to ensure a sustainable future for Britain’s livestock trade!