IMG_8262(scaled)We’re campaigning to prevent over-consumption of natural resources and for a world where everyone has enough to eat. Our diets have a massive impact on the environment; if we change our habits to eat less meat and dairy, and eating seasonally and locally, it’ll be less environmentally damaging and good for our health as well. A shift to low-meat diets in the UK could prevent 45,000 early deaths each year.

Check out the Meat Atlas – full of facts and graphics on sustainable eating.

We are encouraging local shops and markets which offer people a wide choice of local sourced produce.

We need corner shops in urban areas and village shops in rural areas – not owned by supermarkets – where people can do ‘top-up’ shopping. We need thriving street markets selling fresh fruit and vegetables. We want all kinds of smaller chains and independent shops to be able to stay in business – from the specialist cheese shop to your local corner shop. Supermarkets have set their sites on taking over convenience stores– we think there’s a big potential for these kinds of shops to bring local food to more people – so its important to help them stay independent. Farmers’ markets are a good alternative to supermarkets.

Farmers Markets

Around the Birmingham area, we have many farmer markets that are growing in popularity:
Birmingham University: 4th Wednesday of the month 9am-2pm
Harborne: 2nd Saturday of the month 9am-2pm
Kings Heath: 1st Saturday of the month 9am-3:30pm
Kings Norton: 2nd Saturday of the month 9am-2pm
Moseley: 4th Saturday of the month 9am-3pm
New Street: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month 10am-4pm
Solihull: 1st Friday of the month 9am-5pm
Sutton Coldfield: 2nd Friday of the month 9am-3pm
Jewellery Quarter: 3rd Saturday of the month 10am-3pm