The Government has announced more post office closures, and in Birmingham alone there are 26 branches that face closure, despite the fact that many of them are in the midst of close-knit neighbourhoods, adding further pressure to struggling shopping parades. The loss of the 26 post offices would lead to less people using nearby local shops, which could cause small independent shops to close.


The closure of post offices is very much linked to the survival of small, independent businesses. Birmingham Friends of the Earth have been running a Shop Local First campaign which encourages shoppers to use their local shop first before the supermarket.


The great benefits of local shops are:

Local shops are more likely to provide local food. The content of an average shopping trolley travels over 10,000 miles, polluting the environment. 
    Local shops keep money circulating in the local area. The New Economics Foundation found that £1 spent with a local shop rather than a supermarket is four times better for the local economy.

Local shops are more energy efficient than supermarkets – it would take more than 60 greengrocers to match one supermarket’s energy usage. 


So remember to support your local post office and shop local first.