Moseley’s Big Plan is the start of a new local planning document for the wider Moseley area, which will eventually be adopted by Birmingham City Council as planning policy.


Usually planning policy is formulated behind closed doors, with a just a few opportunities for the public to have their say via statutory consultations once the document has been largely written.  Moseley’s Big Plan differs from this in that it is to be written from the ground up with community involvement – a first for Birmingham.


The plan aims to provide planning guidance so that the following outcomes are achieved:


Moseley is a better place to live and work.

Local resident’s vision for Moseley is realised.

The neighbourhood character is preserved and enhanced.

Developers, investors, businesses and others understand local priorities.

Moseley helps tackle climate change.


As such Moseley Community Development Trust would like to hear the views of Moseley’s community, and have come up with seven big questions:


How can we make the village centre better?

How could we attract more local jobs?

How could we make it easier to get to work, school and the shops?

What should we do to protect or improve our historic buildings and parks?

How can we provide more things to do for young and older people?

In the future, what types of homes will be needed?

How can we make Moseley a greener place to live?


You have until Monday 19th April 2010 to respond, and you can do so via the Moseley Community Development Trust at;


Hopefully this will prove successful and garner lots of positive feedback from the community, and therefore become a model for community involvement in the rest of the city’s planning policy.