Grab this chance with both hands and establish a Zero Emissions Development in Selly Oak. There's even a chance to set up a funded project on this one.


Largely isolated from adjacent traditional streets (though including some of the buildings from the original workhouse), is the Selly Oak Hospital site. Through being replaced by the new University Hospital in 2011, the site is being readied for a new use. The public have a say in what happens to the site. Birmingham Friends of the Earth suggest it is time to back the bolder more visionary planners at Birmingham City Council.


Buried in the planning section on website is the news that Planning Guidance is being prepared that will set out the City Council's requirements to direct developers. So far they have gathered evidence and spoken to the Health Trust.


The Draft Planning Guidance Document that can be seen on the website sees the Selly Oak Hospital site as ‘an opportunity to create around 900 high quality new dwellings’.


Such a vision may miss the point as there could be a basin for residential moorings for canal boats, and not just housing but also employment. For employment there is the chance for some of the workforce to live on site and also from outside, the nearby railway station and bus services make for good connections. On top of this, the nearby canal is on a level without locks in many directions and includes access to the waste recycling site at Lifford Lane. As individuals please write responses to Birmingham City Council’s consultation, but can projects established to explore the possibilities. For a young person, the website even appears to offer a chance of funding. For more info, search for ZED factory Jubilee Wharf,