After waiting a long time, the new Birmingham Cycling and Walking Map has now been published – a joint venture between the Council and the NHS.
The Cycling and Walking Map of Birmingham was launched on the 14th March 2006. Maud, Dave, Sandy and Faye braved the atrocious weather, in the (very) early hours, to join the Council, Primary Care Trusts and Push Bikes.
The map is double-sided with north Birmingham on one side and south Birmingham on the other. There is also a more detailed city centre insert. A mass of information has been included on the map (perhaps too much?). Anyone with visual impairment may find the closely-packed detail, and the use of blue and green for the cycle routes, somewhat difficult.

However, the map is full of the information potential walkers and cyclists need, including the routes themselves, cycle parking, and a list of useful contacts.

Birmingham has a long way to go, before we see a comprehensive network of routes, particularly for cyclists; but the map is a great encouragement to get out there and do it! Hopefully, this will help to create that critical mass of users, who then need, and could demand, that network.

The maps are FREE and are available from The Warehouse, as well as Council libraries, information centres and doctors’ surgeries. It is also available on the Birmingham Council website, at

The Council is developing a contact list of people interested in being kept up-to-date on cycling and walking in Birmingham, which could also be used for consultation on some schemes. If you are interested, please send your details to Graham Lennard at 1 Lancaster Circus, Birmingham B4 7DQ or e-mail