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Victoria Square was filled with bikes on Thursday morning as “Bike Trains” and their commuters descended upon it from 5 different directions.

Smiling faces and excited chatter at the free cyclists’ breakfast was a welcome end to the commute for all involved and an illustration of why cycling is such a good form of transport.

Joe Peacock from Birmingham Friends of the Earth commented “On World Car-Free Day what better way could there be to demonstrate why people should re-consider their transport methods?

“Sitting in a car on their own disconnects people from the world around them, whereas when you cycle or walk, you can really feel part of a community.”

With the largest bike train containing 26 riders, there certainly was a noticeable presence on the roads today from Birmingham’s first ever “Bike Trains”.

Teaming up with cycling experts Push Bikes and Sustrans helped Birmingham Friends of the Earth recruit some experienced cyclists to lead in the less confident members of each ride. Now they’re hoping that cycle commuters may make it a regular event that they can organise for themselves.

The Birmingham Cyclist website has a forum on which users can create events and it is hoped that this will be used along with facebook and twitter to keep the movement towards Birmingham being a cycling city going.




Notes for the editor:

  1. Birmingham Friends of the Earth campaigns on many environmental issues, including the promotion of sustainable transport.

  2. Sustrans is a leading UK charity enabling people to travel by foot, bike or public transport for more of the journeys we make every day:

  3. Push Bikes campaigns for improved facilities and wider opportunities for cycling within Birmingham:

  4. In Town Without My Car Day is part of European Mobility Week:

  5. The Birmingham Cyclist website has over 600 registered members:

  6. Bike Trains happen regularly in Brighton where there is a dedicated website: