December 2005 saw Birmingham Friends of the Earth submit our response to the Local Transport Plan.

Our main points emphasised the need to tackle congestion, through an integrated and efficient public transport scheme. We were concerned about the accepted estimated growth in private car travel but we welcomed the forecast increase in rail usage. We were extremely worried about the drop in the numbers of passengers using the bus. We felt this was in part due to the alarmingly low rates of passenger satisfaction with buses, lateness, cleanliness and safety may be factored here. We supported the suggestion that cycling and walking must and should be the favoured and first option for journeys and that roads must become safer to make this a real possibility.

We also commented on the role of the Regional Spatial Strategy. If we want the city to become a world-class city, then we must look towards our transport system. An efficient, integrated public transport system will move us leaps and bounds up the world-class city ladder, if such a thing exists.

There are a number of people in our group very concerned about transport in Birmingham and in particular the redevelopment of New Street Station, congestion and closure of bus lanes. If you would like to get involved and meet others who share your concerns for transport then come along to a Monday (except bank holidays) night campaigns meeting, the Warehouse at 7.30pm. For more information call Maud Grainger on 0121 632 6909, or e-mail