Birmingham Friends of the Earth are pleased to announce that we raised over £1,100 at our Pedalling for Laughs comedy gig back in November. This was raising money for cycling projects as part of our Let’s Get Moving campaign, which aims to tackle Birmingham’s appalling air quality by making it easier for people to choose to walk or cycle.

We’re now looking at what we can fund with the money raised, we have a few ideas of our own, but we’d also like to know what ideas others have as well.  As this is part of our Let’s Get Moving we’ve got a few criteria that any idea has to fulfil in order for us to consider, but as long as it fits with this, we’re open to new and creative ideas. The kind of ideas we’re looking for are:

  • Something specific, it can’t just go into a group or project’s general funds.
  • Something which is additional to what a group or project is doing already.
  • Something which helps get more people cycling.
  • Something which helps commuter cycling, it can’t be something which is related to sport or leisure cycling.
  • Something which can be used to promote the Let’s Get Moving campaign in some way.

It can be something physical like signage, some type of cycling furniture, or a specific project. If you think you’ve got something which fits the bill for the amount of money we have available (£1,100), then please email us an expression of interest. When emailing us your expression of interest please outline your idea and how it fits the above criteria.

Please email your idea by Monday 10th February to Look forward to receiving those amazing ideas soon!