Birmingham Bike Trains welcome aboard the first elected member in Martin Straker-Welds, Labour councillor for Moseley and Kings Heath, who will be joining the ride that goes through his ward on September 22nd.


The event, which is organised by Birmingham Friends of the Earth, Sustrans and Push Bikes, has been gaining a lot of interest from regular cyclists and those who do not usually cycle in to work, which is exactly what was intended.

With one councillor on board it is now hoped that more will follow in order that there is a balanced representation across all the parties. If you would like your councillor to join, please write to them and tell them how important it is that cycling is a form of transport that anyone can use to get to work.

More description of what the Bike Trains intend to do is available here, the five routes can be seen here and you can register to join here.

For reasons to join a Bike Train, you can also read some posts on our blog.

We look forward to welcoming more councillors and residents along all 5 routes for a fun cycle to work together on 22nd September.