Birmingham Friends of the Earth are currently developing a new local campaign, ‘Let’s Get Moving‘, which will push for improvements to the public transport system in Birmingham to encourage more sustainable travel and reduce air pollution.

As part of this campaign we want to know more about how people currently commute to work, school, college, or university, why they travel in this way and what they like or dislike about it So we are asking people to write diaries about their journey which will be posted on our website as blog entries.

The blogs will provide interesting insight into how Brummies travel to work, why they choose to travel the way they do, and problems they encounter. We hope they will provide BFoE with an insight into people’s opinions on more environmentally friendly transport methods, such as cycling and walking, and the provisions that exist for them. This will feed into our approach to the Let’s Get Moving campaign.

If you would be willing to contribute a blog entry for this purpose, please contact for more information. We really appreciate any contribution you can make!