Birmingham Friends of the Earth are excited to announce that we have a new local campaign. A special discussion meeting was held on Monday 29th October to decide which cause we should be shouting from the rooftops about to the people of this great city.

There are of course many environmental issues in Birmingham that would benefit from the spotlight of a BFoE campaign, but the area where we felt we could make the biggest impact was transport. It was agreed that a transport campaign could encompass many issues, including promoting cycling (an area in which we achieved considerable success with Bike Trains last year), a more efficient bus service, the reopening of the Camp Hill train line, and an awareness raising campaign about the impact our transport system has on the health of our planet and the people on it.

Birmingham is the second most polluted city in Britain, the impact of breathing in tailpipe pollution is a major cause of heart and lung disease and premature death among our citizens. It is a little reported fact that diesel fumes are classified as carcinogenic. In short, our dirty fossil fuel-powered transport system is putting people and the planet in great danger.

Come along to one of our Monday night meetings (7.30pm at The Warehouse) if you feel as passionately as we do that this city must get moving towards a pollution free future!