Press Release for immediate release:

Contact Joe Peacock, Birmingham Friends of the Earth, 0121 6326909 

Photo/filming opportunity Victoria Square 8.30am, Thursday 22nd September


This Thursday will see five “Bike Trains” arriving into Birmingham’s newest “station”, where a free cyclists’ breakfast awaits those reaching their destination.

To take the lead on this year’s In Town Without My Car Day, Birmingham Friends of the Earth, Sustrans, and Push Bikes have got together to organise a way for cyclists to come into the centre of town together.

“Bike Trains” work in the same way as “walking buses”, which have been successful in getting schoolchildren to walk to school, but with adults cycling together to work.

So far the Cotteridge and Kings Heath routes have had the biggest numbers of riders signing up on the website: but registrations are still open until 5pm on Wednesday and they expect a big turnout of cyclists in Victoria Square.

Cyclists of all abilities and from all walks of life have been signing up, including two councillors and a journalist from the Birmingham Mail.

Joe Peacock from Birmingham Friends of the Earth encouraged more to join; “If you haven’t tried cycling into the centre of Birmingham yet, why not give it a try? As well as being a great way to get fit, be greener and save money, you could also meet new people this Thursday by getting on a Bike Train.”



Notes for the editor:

  1. Birmingham Friends of the Earth campaigns on many environmental issues, including the promotion of sustainable transport.

  2. Sustrans is a leading UK charity enabling people to travel by foot, bike or public transport for more of the journeys we make every day:

  3. Push Bikes campaigns for improved facilities and wider opportunities for cycling within Birmingham:

  4. In Town Without My Car Day is part of European Mobility Week:

  5. Bike Trains happen regularly in Brighton where there is a dedicated website: