For those of you who don’t know of this campaign, we are calling for a national Deposit Return Scheme on plastic bottles. The campaign is going well and starting to really take shape now.

Over recent months our focus has been on building support from Councillors.  With the help of others who work on this campaign, I put together a briefing for Councillors to inform them about the campaign, ask them to sign our petition to Michael Gove asking for a plastic bottle ‘Deposit Return Scheme’ and to initiate a dialogue with them about this. We have had a really positive, supportive response from Councillors and have one meeting confirmed. Watch this space for feedback on that in the next newsletter!

We have had the exciting news that the government is considering the idea of a Deposit Return Scheme for plastics and other materials and there will be a consultation on this later in the year. Although this is really positive, it’s important that we don’t become complacent as there is still a lot of work to be done to try to ensure the scheme is introduced.

To continue our hard work, following the positive response from Councillors, we have sent a briefing to MPs and also have a meeting confirmed.  An update on this will be on the way in the next newsletter! We have also composed and sent out an email to local community groups and neighbourhood forums to ask for their support and also to encourage the development of a working relationship with them. We are hopeful that we will build some great relationships.

We hope that building up support from Councillors, MP’s and Community groups will help our petition to Michael Gove to carry more weight and enable us to show that many people of Birmingham support a plastic bottle Deposit Return Scheme. If you haven’t done so already please sign our petition using this link:

A massive thank you to everyone who has been working really hard on the campaign. I really appreciate your help and I couldn’t have got to where we are without you! If you would like to get involved or to receive campaign updates please email