There’s only been one man who’s been going strongly out of us in the media recently, and that man is John Newson. As we’ve been telling everyone, he is attempting to produce just one solitary bin bag of waste for the whole of 2012. He is, I’m glad to say , doing exceptionally well going over half way – only last month!

This feat has landed him a rather large article in the Birmingham Mail who visited John, and his half empty bin bag. It even managed to get the comment section, giving us all a great opportunity to send in all of our thoughts and ideas for the council on their waste policy. The interview in the article allowed John to make some poignant statements:

“As council tax payers, we are the ones who pay for all this so we should be asking these questions.”

With the announcement of Birmingham City Council to try and overtake Sandwell in recycling statistics by introducing wheelie-bins, it is getting to the time where we all need to be asking these questions. There will be a public consultation in the upcoming months to look out for.

From reading the interview it seems like he is enjoying the challenge he has voluntarily set himself. If he is going to be asked for his advice in the future by the council, this won’t be the last you see of John and his bin bag.

“Anything made of more than one material is trouble, things that have been welded together, like toothpaste tubes. Figuring out what to do with the things you don’t need and can’t compost challenges your inventiveness and your creativity.”

We haven’t had much else in the media lately, during the silly season, but with the return of parliament, our comedy gig, talk of expansion at Birmingham International airport, and some of our campaigns picking up steam soon, be sure to be on the lookout for us on the media front!