We are very pleased to see the Kerb-sort vehicles appearing on the streets. They are creating valuable conversations between the crews and residents about what surplus items can or should be separated and what happens to them.

  • We learned that the crew is not collecting metal items, but add to “the crusher”, which is strange because metals are one element that is worth something.
  • Tetrapaks might be separated by the Kerb-sort, since they are not welcome in blue recycling bins, although there is a bin at the HRC.
  • We noticed that garden waste is going in the crusher, along with residual waste, to be burned or buried. Garden waste used to be composted and the compost returned to the city, but this does not seem to be happening anymore, and that must have thrown the recycling rate backwards. We hope that you are looking at reinstating composting, as a priority.

We hope to see the Kerb-sort as a long-term collection method!