It has been a busy few months working on our plastics campaign. We have been campaigning for the Commonwealth Games, which are coming to Birmingham in 2022, to be plastic-free. At our annual campaign planning day in early March, the group voted to continue with this as the focus for this year’s plastics campaign. We decided to focus on calling for a ban on single-use plastic food and drinks containers at the games with a call for biodegradable alternatives. We also highlighted the importance of encouraging minimal food wastage at the games and the logic of also trying to push for a food waste collection in addition to eco-friendly containers for food and drinks.

We are really excited about this campaign, particularly because of its potential to make Birmingham demonstrate eco-friendly best practice at such a large scale event and leave a legacy of improved eco-friendly practice going forward. At our campaign planning day we discussed the importance of this potential and agreed that we view this the priority aim of the campaign.

At the time of writing, the campaign is still in its early planning stages but we are working hard on it. We are honing the details of the campaign in order to promote it and to gain support from Councilors and MPs. Another strand is researching the council’s plan of action against plastic waste and how our campaign fits in with this in order to lobby effectively. Part of our lobbying will be getting a petition together, which will be taking out over the summer as well as available online- please sign and share!

If you would like to get involved with the campaign or even if you would just like to receive regular updates on how the campaign is progressing please email

As always a massive thank you everyone who has been working hard on this campaign. We couldn’t do it without you! Onwards and upwards!