Today I had my second first day at work at the warehouse! Having previously worked here as the daytime campaigner, I have returned to coordinate BfoEs work supporting faith ambassadors champion climate change. 
In June 2006 Birmingham FoE along with the Environment Agency, Birmingham Sustainable Energy Partnership, Friends of the Earth and support from the City Council launched this project with a multi faith conference attended by over 100 with 11 faith communities represented.  Since then the work has achieved success beyond all our hopes.  A successful speaker evening, introduction of the ambassadors scheme, the exhibition which continues to tour venues around the city, and the arrival of a full time employee means we look forward to scaling new heights reaching out and supporting faith communities to take action against climate change.  Look out in future newsletters to hear of successful projects initiated by our ambassadors and the arrival of new and exciting ventures to support this work!
If you are interested in hearing more about this work, or becoming a Faith Ambassador please call Maud for an informal chat on 0121 632 6909 or email