Our Multifaith Project, 'Faith & Climate Change in Birmingham' has been announced as a finalist in a national competition of community projects by NESTA, the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts.   
As a finalist, along with 10 other community projects from around the country we will work and be monitored over the year for our ability to achieve a substantial reduction on carbon emissions with the communitys we work with.   

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We are very pleased that this project has been recognised as a innovative piece of work and will continue to build on the work of the past year – engaging with faith communities and supporting the projects they inititiate.  Birmingham Friends of the Earth continues to work at every level to ensure we raise awareness of environmental issues and the devastating impact of climate change.    

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If you are interested in the Multi Faith Project please contact Maud at maud@birminghamfoe.org.uk . 


Events on the horizon are…


Training in Energy Efficiency for Eco Groups

A series of themed Cooking Evenings resulting in a Receipe Book (we are still looking for receipies and stories of the improtanct of food in culture and religion.  All receipies to take into account – locally sourced, organic and fair trade please)

A regional gathering of Faith based Environmental work 


For more information on the Big Green Challenge visit www.biggreenchallenge.org.uk