The speakers at the event include Bishop Derek Webley New Testament Church of God, in Handsworth, Rabbi Margaret Jacobi from Birmingham Progressive Synagogue, Parwez Hussain from Birmingham-based Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Pravin Sangani , Former Chair of Shree Hindu Community Centre, Tyseley, and Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh, Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha.

In a landmark meeting, faith leaders from across Birmingham will meet on 22 November 2006, to discuss Climate Change. The evening meeting will be held at Amanah Islamic Centre, Stratford Road, in Birmingham between 6pm-9pm.

The event will be one of a series of events held during Islam Awareness Week. This workshop will be a chance for interested people to find out what their faith says about our role towards the environment. The evening has been facilitated by the Environment Agency, Birmingham Sustainable Energy Partnership (BSEP) and Birmingham Friends of the Earth, it carries the slogan ‘One World, Many Faiths’.

Speakers will look at how, despite believing in different gods and following different faiths we have common values as truth, justice and equality these values giving rise to the need for peace and a concern for the environment.

Rob Lunt an Environment Agency officer involved in the ‘One World, Many Faiths’ evening said; ‘ We are thrilled to be part of an evening like this, it is vital that different faiths in Birmingham come together to talk about climate change. We are taking a leading role in advising government, regulating emissions of greenhouse gases, predicting impacts and helping the country plan for and protect itself from a future of climatic uncertainty and rising sea levels. Helping different faith leaders discuss this important issue will assist us in tackling climate change especially as it is going to affect us all regardless of faith.’

Chris Williams, a campaigner at Birmingham Friends of the Earth commented ‘Climate Change is no longer a topic of discussion reserved for academics. This event will demonstrate that climate change is now an issue with widespread support across the community and will send a strong message to decision-makers that now is the time to turn the positive talk on climate change into action’.