The Multi Faith Declaration was written and endorsed by those present at the Multi Faith Conference on Climate Change, held June 2006 – Birmingham City Council House.  
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Birmingham Multi Faith Declaration on Climate Change

We will work together as faith communities to achieve a just, low-carbon society for all, in order to safeguard the planet for the future.

We believe that tackling climate change is a moral issue. We are seeking a just society in which quality of life is measured through human happiness and not material consumption.


We call upon people of faith and all citizens of Birmingham to…

Live simply, so others may simply live.

Lead by example, changing our daily habits because we hope and believe it makes a difference.

Support existing environmental initiatives.

Campaign on climate change.

Educate and raise awareness at a grass-roots level among faith communities.


We call on Birmingham city council and the Birmingham strategic partnership to…

Take a lead on promoting and enabling a low carbon lifestyle.

Reduce the need to travel and promote sustainable public transport.

Promote and support greater use of renewable and locally generated energy.

Give recognition to, and celebrate good practice.

Educate for sustainable living in our schools.


We call on government to…

Tackle climate change through international co-operation based on carbon justice.

Legislate to tackle climate change.

Use the tax system to encourage sustainable living.


We call on business to…

Produce and sell sustainable goods and services

Provide information on the carbon content of goods and services.