'Treading Lightly Together' was an event for Faith communities to come together to address Energy Issues.  It marked the beginning of a year long focus for the Faith project on Energy as part of its commitment as a finalist in the Big Green Challenge.  For more information please visit www.birgreenchallenge.org.uk or contact Maud at maud@birminghamfoe.org.uk
Last Saturday, the Multi Faith Project project invited Faiths to come together to learn about Energy Use – how we use, why we use it and how we can use less of it. At the event, 'Treading Lightly Together', we discussed the importance of working together, supporting each other and committing to energy reduction in our homes and our places of worship. ImageImage For more information on the project, or to work with us in energy reduction please e.mail Maud Grainger on maud@birminghamfoe.org.uk